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Acronym for "Douche Until Proven Otherwise"
Whether they realize it or not, men operate under the instinctual assumption that all random guys are douche bags until shown otherwise. Hence the term, douche until proven otherwise.
Man, Firehouse was loaded with a ton of dupos Tuesday night.
by Molo April 27, 2007
One who participates in a circle jerk.
Oh great, another loungefag.
by Molo August 23, 2003
The act of twirling your penis in a circle, usually with the index finger and thumb around the base of the penis. After 6 or 7 revolutions, all the blood rushes to the head of the penis, and you are left with a very long, very skinny flacid penis.
Janet gave me some attitude today, so I'm gonna drop the helicopter on her forehead.
by molo May 13, 2004

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