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The flirtatious exploits of a modern-day Casanova captured in a biographical genre.
Given his prowess at seducing ladies and his many nocturnal escapades, the viagraphy of Jack looked like it would be a bestseller.
by Mohit Hira February 13, 2011
A celebrity who becomes hell for his brand sponsors after controversy affects his reputation.
Tiger Woods may become a hellebrity for almost all his sponsors after his wife's beaten him.
by Mohit Hira December 13, 2009
A combination of Bloody and Bugger (as in wicked, not sexual) uttered while speaking really fast or in rage.
The blugger took me for a ride and duped me!
by Mohit Hira September 22, 2009
verb; describes the act of frittering away valuable time between Facebook and Twitter by posting status updates or tweets on both.
With a status update and a tweet every five minutes, he spent all of Friday afternoon, fwittering away time, instead of completing his project.
by Mohit Hira April 26, 2009
A peaceful, digital-driven revolution by the youth of a country in protest against dictators who suppress democracy.
Encouraged by Tweets, thousands of college students joined the youthquake in Egypt.
by Mohit Hira March 09, 2011
A publicly-visible romantic message, sent on a social network, that can make the recipient blush.
To continually remind her of his feelings towards her, he added one love byte a day on her Facebook wall.
by Mohit Hira October 24, 2010
The feeling of utter dismay when great expectations lead to absolutely nothing.
After all the hype and expense on the Climate Summit, the end result was No-hope-in-hagen.
by Mohit Hira December 18, 2009

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