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Thongs are a type of footwear, also known as 'Flip-Flops'. Not to be mistaken with the sexy thong garment of underwear.
"Gee gosh them there thongs on yer feet shure do smell mate!"
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
Another word for a tourist or holiday maker but used in a more derogitary way. Mainly used by Cornish people in Cornwall describing dirty chavs from other parts of the UK.
"Look at those dirty emmets over there!, lets go tell them to fuck off back to Manchester!"
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
A nicer place then anywhere else in the UK. A minimum level of chavs, lots of fit girls, a great place to live. The main downside is the 'emmets' who come down with there chavvy mates on holiday.
Wow, Cornwall sure is nicer than anywhere else in the UK!
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
A crappy radio station in Portugal, plays the same crappy songs all the time.
Man, Kiss FM Algarve sure is a crappy radio station!
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
Portugillian, another word for Portuguese.
Look at those Portugillians over there! They are from Portugal!
by Mohammed Aljeeza July 01, 2005
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