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A compliment ussually having nothing to do with the quality of your shoes.

The beginning of a pick up line flawlessy executed many-a-time by Mob and Jon.

To enjoy feet.

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Katie Gasior Brary Mob
Nice Shoes.. wanna fuck?
by Mob June 12, 2003
The Motherfucking hardest Gangster in the whole wide world. He will fucking kill you in a second dont fuck with this man!!!
He shot President J. F. Kennedy what makes you think he wont pop one in yo ass?
by mob March 12, 2004
definition: A word in need of a definition. A word in search of a meaning. (see also, biblicone.com)
rublicon is a biblicone, it has not definition.
by mob October 11, 2004
To intoxicate someone by use of alchol or good looks.

See Also:
Katie Gasior
Everyone whos around you has to go to detox.. because your Intoxikating!
by Mob June 12, 2003
An expression of disbelief or total surprise.

Extreme regret.

Used most commonly before talking to a G.

Common terminology used in the language Qualitar
Damnnn girl, whats been up?
by Mob June 12, 2003
To be attractive

Used commonly to express the degree of attractiveness of a girl.

Common terminology used in the language Qualitar

See Also:
Hot Qualitar
That girl is so persuasion.
by Mob June 12, 2003
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