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A Japanese animated show, of 26 episodes (the film, End of Evangelion offers a more tangible conclusion than the series), which aired between '95 and '96. The plot is typical:

- A government agency is set up to save the world.
- Three 14 year olds pilot humanoid cyborgs and kill monsters.

It is interpreted as a number of things:

- An intricate look at ourselves and others.
- An attempt to make animé original; to broaden its the limits(See my definition of animé).
- A cruddy non-sensical, contradictory, boring, drawn-out, pointlessly violent, perverted, pessimistic, and pretentious cartoon.
- A safe-card/fall back/name drop for self-proclaimed animé know-it-alls who've never watched the show.
- A series easily insultable.
- A calling card for unfounded animé-haters.
- An excellent source for debate (:P).
- A prime example of character development (or lack of).
- A test of patience.
- An escape from reality.
- A reflection on reality.
- A kik-ass animé w/lots of gre and BOOBIES.

And finally, for the immature, "laisser-faire" types (not in an economical or politcal sense), and/or emotional lacking:

- A waste of time.
Examples don't apply to Neon Genesis Evangelion.
by MoaM October 06, 2005
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