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Someone who has a humour so dry/lame that it's funny
His humour is so sverre. He has a sverre sense of humour
#sverre #humour #joke #jokes #lame #dry
by MoFo2 November 08, 2005
A term used to describe when people buy stuff on eBay that they really, really, really don't need.
We had to freeze his account because he suffered from the ebay disease.

Back when I had no job, I spent a lot of time on the internet and soon got the ebay disease. Now my house is full of crap I have no use for, it seemed like a good idea back then.
#ebay #disease #addiction #crap #internet
by MoFo2 January 29, 2006
When you are browsing online stores using Apple's OSX, but not buying anything. In contrast to in the real world or when using a PC you (most likely) are window-shopping.
Are you going to buy anything?

No I'm just OSX-shopping.
#osx #mac #shopping #windows #apple
by MoFo2 March 28, 2007
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