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Another name for a Jewish person. Occationally degratory.
"Where did all these Yarmulke wearing Bagel Munchers come from?"
by Mo Dees August 02, 2007
Another word for people of African decent.
"Detroit is turning into a Congoloid city."
by Mo Dees August 02, 2007
Used to discribe a Jew usually with a large nose or any Jewish person.
My cousin, Richard is half-Jewish. He has such a big nose I also call him a tapir.
by Mo Dees May 15, 2008
A combination word with the words stupor or stupid and
An man who has very little common sense in espcially female relationships- An idiot, stupid or fucktard.
Joe hardly knows how to keep a lady around, he is such a stuporfuck
by Mo Dees May 27, 2008
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