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(verb) An attempt to please a person for personal gain. Often a form a manipulation, the stroker will feign interest in order to pursue some self serving purpose.

(noun) From the term to masturbate, to stroke a hard on in such a way as to entice someone and make him eager. To get overly excited about something. i.e. The football fans were a bunch of strokes.

(noun) A stroke is someone who deceives someone into thinking that he/she has something to offer a person by bragging, giving false compliments, or giving false pretenses thereby making another person overly excited for no good reason.
Sitting in the room with all those blow hards at the time share convention was like one big stroke fest.
by MmeMagnus January 24, 2011
A dismissive attitude toward a phenomenon that is known to be real, but cannot be explained. Due to the inability to explain something, a person will naturally choose to not think about it further. It's a shut off valve in the brain that happens when a conclusion cannot be reached. Those who choose to pursue the Elephant Syndrom are perceived as obsessive by the mainstream who simply accept it with no explanation.
His Elephant Syndrome made choose to forget why that ghost appeared to him.
by mmemagnus January 03, 2011
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