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A model made by Chevrolet that was built from 1987 until 1996. There were several models including: GTU, Base, GT, GTZ, and Indy. www.beretta.net has all the info needed.
That beretta is tight bangin son!
by mk December 10, 2003
1. a person or animal that preys on others. often refered to as a stalker
2. Refering to a type of creature that stands out as a dominate form in an environment, not generally defined as one type of creature they can come in a variety of forms often call a true Predator (my definition that fits what i thing the word truely means)
3. An alien species refered to in the Universe of the Aliens Predators and Humans. They are a big Warrior race coming from a Desert like world (seen in AVP Extinction for PS2) standing about 6-8 feet tall having big crab like heads humaniod appearance and incredible strength. their weapons of choice are the Harpoon spear, Plasma shoulder cannon, Net gun, Razor Disc, Invisible Snare (AvP) CLawed hands anda cloaking device they have a helmet that can track in X-ray Heat vision (their normal site too) Pheromone and possess a unique tracking and scanning system. Movies theyve been in is Alien Vs Predator (AvP) Predator 1 & 2 Their hobbies include hunting and gathering heads for trophies from their kills. Also they generally only enjoy hunting those who are armed and healthy
1. David Westerfield of San Diego California is a convicted Sexual Predator/ Sex offender
2.a Dragon can be refered to as a true predator
3.The 1998 game starcraft made by Blizzard mimics the 3 races in the Alien and Predator universe the races as follows: Protoss are the Predators the Zerg are the Aliens and the Terrans are the Humans
by MK March 21, 2005
1. A mix of pain and pleasure or one that accociates pain as a form of pleasure whether for arrousal or comfort.
1. one the mixes pain and pleasure in their business.
a couple who get off spanking each other during sex.
a man who gets off by shoving an egg up his asshole (I have heard of a case where this actually happened; long story short he tried to fish it out w/ a coat hanger and you can guess what happens next)
by MK March 20, 2005
The hairy pubic plain directly above the genitals, but beneath the waistline, on both men and women. An apparently pleasure-less, purposeless region of the human body, but one that is nevertheless imbued with an aura of mystery because it is constantly covered up. A densley thicketed plateau, an oddly barren woodland, a useless, hilarious no man's land.
Dude, I don't want to see your mons again.

Did you spend a lot of time tonguing her mons?
by MK January 12, 2004
The boss.


A military commander who has a lot of medals. Or just medals and awards.
The brass is in town, shape up.

That boy got some brass balls.

Look at the brass on him.
by MK January 28, 2004
In rock climbing, to lead a climb without falling.
Bob kicks ass - he just redpointed a 5.11b with a tequila hangover!
by MK September 12, 2003
1. see masterbation
2. (saying)When a man attempts to excite his penis via vigorously rubbing against something rubbing his penis physically or rubbing/hitting the genitals in an attempt at arrousal or for the purpose of masterbation
3. Often an act done during sex in which the man slaps the ass of his partner often for those hardcore sexos or those who have a fetish(fantasy/turn on) for pain 'n pleasure
Oh ya johnnies sure spanking it now (often done when a man's arrousal is exicited to such a level he can no longer contain the desire to not
by MK March 20, 2005

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