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The quality that existence itself and seemingly everything within existence derives of being absolutely incredible while someone is on methalyndioxymethamphetamine (MDMA).
Often accompanied by the person expressing this feeling by:
1) Shouting really loudly about how fucking amazing everything is
2) Being amazed by the smallest, most insignificant things e.g. soap, carpet, ciggarette ends etc
3) Honestly believing that tonight is so amazing it is definitely a good idea to tell that girl who's way out of their league exactly how beautiful she is and then not being disappointed when they're told to sod off.
guy 1: hey man, what's up?
guy on MDMA: whoa man, everything's fucking MDMAzing right now. I fucking love you. Your hair is actually brilliant mate! I mean seriously incredible *stupid smile that seems to take over his entire face and is uncontrolable*
whoa! this carpet is the coolest thing ever! it's so soft and fluffy! how do you reckon they get it to do that? y'know? be so fluffy and everything?
by Mitah_Kurtz August 13, 2008

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