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A great anime! People say it's gay...etc...and people might make fun of you for watching it...but they're just losers who haven't watched the Japanese version...

The dub is rather stupid though...I mean they cutted out some parts and made it into a kiddy anime....
But other than that it's pretty awesome!
Jerk1: Omgz it's that gay-ass show Yu-Gi-Oh!! The kid who plays it is homosexual!11111111one


YGO fan: Go fuck yourselves with a loaf of bread. Yu-Gi-Oh isn't as bad as you think it is, you homophobic retards..
by Misu Devlin August 11, 2006
Stands for: Not something good
Joey: Michelle Pegasus was pissed at me so she hit me with a car..That biatch =)
Duke: Well...that's NSG...
Tristan: Glad she doesn't like me! Because I'm a minor character!
by Misu Devlin August 24, 2006

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