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4 definitions by Misty Stroker

The ultimate deepthroat; when you fuck a girl in the ass and your dick comes out of her mouth.
Sarah: "Hey girl, how was your night with Tommy?"
Tonya: "Oh it was alright... until he wanted me to

rear-entry-deepthroat him"
by Misty Stroker October 02, 2010
6 2
Lubing your shaved head with Frank's Red Hot Hot Sauce, and sticking it in a girl's asshole while she proceeds to take a massive dump.
Tonya and Jacob always celebrate the Fourth of July with a rousing night in the Magma Chamber.
by Misty Stroker December 08, 2011
3 0
An offer you can't refuse.
Frank gave Susie a memo from the mafia on their anniversary… She cried for weeks.
by Misty Stroker December 08, 2011
1 0
Sticking ones dick and balls fully inside another's vagina.
Randy and Catherine have been going steady for months. The ultimate test of their relationship came when he performed the popular front on her.

Sharon is always game for the popular front… after copious amounts of ecstasy.
by Misty Stroker December 08, 2011
1 0