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17 definitions by Misty

Whore, mean skanky nobody
by Misty September 02, 2003
1 5
Butter face nice body ugly face
She has it goin on all butter face
by misty April 09, 2005
21 28
A really awesome girl that met Matt Winter and is going to marry Louie Stephens! also a girl that is adored by all of Rooney!
*Stop being a fat Kelly about it!*
random dude-You are not insulting her, you just gave her a compliment, haha, sucker!"
by misty October 08, 2004
2 14
A silly person
You are such a dink for doing that!
by Misty July 10, 2003
11 24
a very sexy, very intelligent vegetarian woman who loves The L Word and other woman.
Whoa that girl so phwaor.

I wish I was as phwaor as she is.
by Misty April 15, 2005
7 21
rare, uncommon, extra ordinary
Look at those bodacious Zetas, there's no one quite like them!!!
by Misty December 01, 2003
6 30
It is when a white person developes a black persons 'accent'. hence: blackcent
white person 1: hello Bob.
white person 2: holla'
white person 1: What are you doing tonight?
white person 2: going to da crib to watch some televizzle with my shorty.
by misty January 24, 2004
10 38