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The downfall of Rupert Murdoch (and his enterprises) in the United Kingdom, primarily, after it was revealed that they paid people to hack into the voicemails of people, including:
- 9/11 victims
- 7/7 victims

- Milly Dowler, a girl who was abducted and killed. Hacks deleted her voicemail messages, when her box was full, to make way for new messages, so they could get more info.
The News of the World paper printed its final edition in July 2011. This was only the start of the Murdochalypse.
It will probably be relaunched, under a new name, like The Sun] On Sunday.
by MisterLister July 13, 2011
A polite way of saying 'Taking a shit', used by a presenter on a London radio station.
How can people be happy in Australia, where you have to check the entire room before taking your happy morning sitdown?
by MisterLister November 07, 2010

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