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20 definitions by Mister D

A person's virginity
Rob: I almost lost my V-card last night.
Devon: Oh, do tell.
Rob: I went to Weston last night and this girl was hitting on me all night.
Devon: And?
Rob: She said she wanted me to rape her.
Devon: Did you?
Rob: No.
Devon: Why not?
Rob: I didn't know if she was joking or not.
Devon: You idiot.
by Mister D November 01, 2004
October 31st at WHS, also know as halloween. All of the popular girls (mostly cheerleaders) use this day as an excuse to dress up in very slutty costumes.

Examples From Halloween '04: naughty nurses, angels, devils, genies, and costumes invovling fish net stockings
Rob: HOLY SHIT! Did you see the naughty nurses?
Matt: OH Yea! I would tap their asses any day.
Rob: I'm gonna go look again.
by Mister D November 06, 2004
An expression used to refer one who is gay, therefore he/she plays for the gay team. One can be drafted from the gay team to the straight team, but often return to the gay team.
"He plays for the other team." - Jerry Seinfeld
by Mister D November 24, 2004
A term joe made up. Basically anal sex, but RAGING.
Joe: Do you like raging butt sex?
Devon: How many times do I have to tell you? YES!
by Mister D October 15, 2004
Hanging out that only applies to males, may involve masturbation.
Jay and Robby were cockin it when jay's mom walked in.
by Mister D November 15, 2004
The kid on my bus who falls asleep.
No one wakes up the sleepy kid.
by Mister D December 01, 2004
The round objects that store man juice.
Robert shaves his webbles!
by Mister D November 23, 2004