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In medical slang, the Q-sign is a dead patient or a patient with extreme morbidity. The Q is a reference to the patient's tongue hanging out of its mouth, making a Q sign.
Nurse: Get the paddles, I'm gettin a Q sign from the new admit!
by Mister Boo September 13, 2009
Originally named for the larger sets of fireworks that gave particularly large displays of flash and bang, a crowd pleaser is any weapon, usually a gun or missile, that is above average in its devastation.
Soldier 1: What's that bomber packin, B-53s?

Soldier 2: Nah, B-90 Bettys.

Soldier 3: Ooo, crowd pleasers.
by Mister Boo September 13, 2009
Dirt Bag Index. Multiply number of tattoos by number of missing teeth to find how many days since person's last day of bathing.

tn=b, where t is number of tattoos, n is number of missing teeth, and b is days since bathing.

Most commonly used unofficially in hospitals.
Nurse: Good Lord, this guy's DBI is 45, somebody get me the hose.
by Mister Boo September 13, 2009
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