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A funny, smart, sweet, sexy and caring girl who loves with all her heart. She's also a crazy, psycho bitch when you mess with someone she cares about. If you know Tori she either likes you and will have your back right or wrong or she doesn't care for you in which case you better watch your back. Tori loves one man and one man only and he owns her heart forever. Tori is pure awesomeness.
Tori is so awesome I wish I was Eric so she'd be in love with me.
by MissTori December 11, 2013
The most amazing guy ever, with his sexy blue eyes and British accent. He's so charming and loveable to know him is to know greatness. He's kind and helpful but mess with those he cares about and he'll be your worst nightmare. I love him with all my heart and can't wait to be his wife. Forever and ever babe.
Eric is so wonderful and that Tori girl loves him.
by MissTori December 09, 2013
That feeling you get when your MMO avatar is more successful or better than the real you.
I'm suffering from Avatar Envy because my Second Life character gets laid so much more often than me.
by misstori September 05, 2011
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