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When an event happens in your life that could lead you to be on the Maury show.
"I had a Maury moment when I found out I was pregnant and didn;t know who the daddy was"

"That was a Maury moment when I admitted to David that I cheated on him with 5 different men."
by MissMajestic March 16, 2009
Malton, is a ghetto part of Missiauga Ontario. It borders Rexdale, a ghetto area of North Etobicoke, to the east,and Brampton to the north, it is the only self contained area of Mississauga as it does not ajoin any other Mississauga neighbourhoods.It is a home to a variety of people, which includes many immigrants from India, crackheads, petty dime dealers, stupid gangsters with guns, and a whole bunch of dirty hoes. It is the home of Westwood Mall and despite its corruption it has its place in history. It was home to the Avro Arrow a delta winged interceptor craft that began to be designed in 1953. It was meant to be the the Royal Canadian Airforce's main interceptor into the 1960's. But like most things in Malton, the project was given up in 1958.
"Hey Christina, where you from?"
"I'm from Mississauga"
"What part?"
"...no wonder you such a ho, everyone knows all girls from Malton are poor and trashy."

Malton- Rexdale's weaker brotha to the West
by MissMajestic March 16, 2009
1.A person who resides in Malton, a ghetto neighbourhood in Missiauga. Maltonians are of many races but mainly, black, white, and indian. They are usually, uneducated, come from low income broken homes, do drugs, and are unemployed or have shitty minimum wage paying jobs. They have a twisted sense of morality and do not conform to social norms. Most of them think they are gangsters, but really, they are soft. 2.Maltonians are also people who do not reside is the area, but think it's cool to chill there, are there all the time and adpot the Malton lifestyle.
"Lauren had sex with Matt, Adam, and Jamal, can you believe that?"

"Yeah man she's a Maltonian thats what they do."

"Shane maybe from North York, but his crew is from Malton which makes him a Maltonian."

by MissMajestic March 18, 2009

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