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The boyfriend of an older woman.
"My friend Mary dates a guy who's 11 years younger than her, she loves having a ToyBoy and I bet he loves having an older woman too"
by Miss P July 19, 2004
English slang term for having no money. More commonly now known as brassic due to the pronunciation. However, it actually originates from 'Borasic lint', rhyming slang for skint
I can't make it out tonight mate, I'm borasic
by Miss P December 01, 2004
Fun loving adventurous person who builds walls to let only the serious ones in. Hates lack of attention and adores feeling loved. stands up for those she loves and is very stubborn. Don t mistake her aloofness for lack of compassion.
Omg, Telisha has such a fab dress sense!
by Miss p July 03, 2014
UK slang for cocaine.
Derives from 'Terry Farley' (the DJ), which is slang for charlie (another slang word for cocaine)
"Got any Terry mate, I could really do with a pick-me-up?"
by Miss P July 19, 2004

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