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drop dead sexy and a sex goddess. Telisha is normally Dark headed, and have a booty to die for.
Telisha has a Ghetto booty
by Tellllldawwwwwg! July 11, 2011
Fun loving adventurous person who builds walls to let only the serious ones in. Hates lack of attention and adores feeling loved. stands up for those she loves and is very stubborn. Don t mistake her aloofness for lack of compassion.
Omg, Telisha has such a fab dress sense!
by Miss p July 03, 2014
Telisha aka Telislut aka Telitroll is the biggest troll in the whole history of the Korean pop. BOOM!
Telisha: I can't sing or speak korean, but I want to become Kpop singer.

Telisha: Everybody thought I was just another dancer...

Telisha: My fans created for me translation twitter account, so now can be my english tweets translated into English.

Telisha's kpop single: English...English...English...blahblah (noone understands) saranghae...English... English....again blahblah saranghae part...English. THE END

All: Yes Telisha, you are such a big troll.
by randompoorgroupie June 06, 2011
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