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The amazingly gorgeous frontman for All Time Low. Most people think he's a manwhore.
Girl #1:Alex Gaskarth is so hot!
Girl #2: I heard that he's a manwhore.
Girl #1: Who cares?!?
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
A super hot Urugayan. He's the frontman for Cobra Starship.
Oh my god, I totally love Gabe Saporta.
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
The lead vocalist of the hugely popular hair metal band Motley Crue. He is constantly being followed by groupies and was hot back in the day. Now he has reunited with his band and his looks have gone pretty much downhill.
Jenna slept with Vince Neil over a hundred times back in the 1980s!
by Miss Marie K May 15, 2007
He is the handsome lead singer of the emo band Say Anything. He's a sexy bipolar Jew.
Oh my god! Max Bemis is so hot!
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
The hottest reporter at BBC. He should really get over that obsession with William Beckett, though.
Guy Ripley's obsession with William is unhealthy!
by Miss Marie K March 17, 2008
Lead singer of the pop-punk band Mest. He was arrested on Sunday, March 25,2007 on murder charges.
Tony Lovato has a wicked awesome voice.
by Miss Marie K March 26, 2007
Sebastain Bach was the lead singer of the hair metal band called Skid Row in the 1980s. He since has went on to act and perform in other bands. He has many female fans that think he is perfection.
Oh my gosh Sebastain Bach has a sexy voice AND is so hot!
by Miss Marie K May 15, 2007
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