5 definitions by Miss AnGie

Said either jokingly or when someone's honestly annoyed with you. Means GO THE HELL AWAY because I HATE YOU. Or, simply, eff you. Similar to WHATEVER or EFF OFF
Karm: Dude your boyfriend's effing hot.
Sue: Screw you.
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
Simply adorable but in the utmost dorky way. Cute. Silly. Funny. Spiff.
Oh that AnGie is SO adorkable!
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
When said in an annoyed tone, it means EFF OFF or SCREW YOU
Karm: You look fat in that dress.
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
Go the hell away. Same meaning as WHATEVER and SCREW YOU. Said mostly jokingly or when someone is annoyed.
Karm: Eff off, you annoying POS.
Sue: *cry*
by Miss AnGie January 19, 2003
simply fantastic!
Wow AnGie's so simplitastic!!
by Miss AnGie January 20, 2003

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