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2 definitions by MirroringAwareness

Fear is just a thought that adds to just another undefinable emotion. Thoughts are just things.
While tripping on LSD, I encountered the fundamental "fear" of death. Then I realized that "I" don't exist and that emotions are just flow. I watch thoughts now, calmly as I wait for the watcher to fully dissolve into nothingness.
by MirroringAwareness January 30, 2010
Simply an e-motion (energy in motion) just like all other phenomena that arise through the body floating above the natural human undercurrent of peace. As with all energies in motion it comes and goes. Some idiots a while ago figured they'd screw with mankind and make them think that a certain emotion was better than all the others. I mean really come on guys how stupid did they think people we were? Oh wait.
Muskrat: Hey Ravi are you happy? I'm sort of sad because my muskrat jelly just got stolen.

Ravi: Dude man, you can't define your emotions just follow Buddha's teachings bro you'll realize your true peaceful nature eventually.
by MirroringAwareness March 01, 2010