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The acronym for: Movie I gotta to google (migtg)

some crazy new horror movie promo comes on during the commericals about some movie so terrifing and scary or mindboggingly twisted that they show audience's reactions, flashing lights and its so complex that it must have some name that only your ancient english teacher or that brainy kid from chem must know. you soon after feel inclined to go to google to see what the hell the movie title means before/after seeing it...
Girl#1: Ohmigosh! Did you see that preview for that new horror movie ? That sounds like such a creeper movie from the previews,babe..

Guy: What do you mean?

Girl#1: You know, In-side-us

Guy: No hun, I think you mean Insideous..

Girl: Oh really? Btw what does that mean..?

Guy: uhhhhh.... sounds like a migtg
by MiracleMockingJae May 21, 2011

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