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3 definitions by Minucci

When your yam(s) accidently slip out of the pee hole or the side of your briefs and you don't notice it until it's too late.
I was changing in the locker-room last night and didn't realize I had yams on the run until I tried to zip my pants and...
by Minucci April 13, 2005
When you have Yams on the run and you don't catch it before you zip up!
Holy #$%@!!! I just comitted Yam suicide!!!
by Minucci April 13, 2005
When you have diarea and you try and make it to the bathroom but it's too late and it runs down your legs.
Dude, the other night I ate 7 slices of pizza and 6 cokes! I got sooo sick, I couldn't make it to the crapper and got gravey legs! It was quite the mess and my moms refused to wash my soiled boxers and pants!
by Minucci May 24, 2005