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The Sukhoi Su-30, a Russian twin seat fighter, is equipped with Thrust Vectoring and super advanced radar systems. Capable of carriing just about every weapon in the Russian Air Force it certinally is a firece aircraft. Although comparable to the American F-22A in it's flight dynamics, it isn't stealth, that one thing makes it inferior to the F-22A for if it had to go up against a Raptor, it would get it's ass handed to it by the Raptor from 50 km by an AIM-120 AMRAAM. Still a gorgeous aircraft, it is also the current aircraft of the Russian Air Force Demonstration team, the Russian Knights. India has another version called the Su-30 M/KI.
The Su-30 MKI found an American F-15C Eagle on it's radar, it locked it up and launched an R-77 Adder missile and destroyed the Eagle.
by Minority June 11, 2007
The most kickass airport in the world.

Vancouver, B.C., International Airport. Also called the "Gateway to the Pacific" as it has more trans-pacific flight than any other west coast airport.

CYVR is the second busiest Canadian airport with 17.5 million passengers and 326,026 movements in 2007, behind CYYZ, Toronto Pearson.

Continuously named "Best North American Airport", "Best Canadian Airport", "Most organized North American Airport", among other things.

"WestJet 043, Calgary Clearance, cleared to Vancouver CYVR as filed. Climb runway heading altitude 7,000."
by Minority April 23, 2008
The best thing on Earth. I have a 1gig black nano and I need a bigger one! I love iPod's. A must buy for anyone that has a lot of music but has to be on the computer to listen to it. Not much money for something as good as an iPod. Mine was only $240 Canadaian dollars WITH THE 3-YEAR WARRENTY!!!! Mine has a name, it's name is Zelda.
Dude#1 - Hey, whats up?

Dude#2 - Just bought an iPod.

Dude#1 - Why would you waste money on one of those?

Dude#2 - I didn't waste anything, I spent good money on something i'll use forever you idiot.
by Minority September 15, 2006
Usually said when angry, or in humour.
Eat shit and die ass wipe!
by Minority September 20, 2008
A kick ass American demo team for airshows, regraded by most Americans as the best demo team in the world, when it is pwnd by the all-Canadian Snowbirds! Comprised of 6 U.S.N. F/A-18 fighters, the Blue Angels are a very good team.
I went to an airshow, the Blue Angels came on after the Snowbirds, I just stood there because it wasn't that good compared to the Snowbirds.
by Minority September 22, 2006
There are four kinds of airport. #1 International. The largest, busiest airports, taking flights from around the world. Usually has a very long runway. Eg:Los Angeles International airport is the seconf largest airport in the world. #2 Reagional. An airport that takes flights from around country/continent. Eg:Nanaimo Reagional isn't the busiest airport around, but it'll get you around the continent. #3 Local. The second smallest airport, usually has average facilities, only takes local flights. Eg:Qualicum Beach Local will take you as far as Vancouver and up-island, but thats it. #4 Airstrip. Smallest of all airports, usually doesn't have normal airport facilities and can take only small aicraft. Eg:Tofino Airstrip has no facilities, but planes do land there.
Pilot - After the 18 hour flight from Vancouver, we finally arived in at Hong Kong International Airport.
by Minority July 24, 2006
The most famous and feared of all dragon's, the Red Dragon was larger then all other Dragon's except the Black Dragon, and the White Dragon. The Red Dragon was made famous in teh game, followed by the movie, Doungeons & Dragons where it was the sworn enemy of the Gold Dragon, a much smaller and more noble Dragon. As like all dragons, the Red Dragon could breath fire.
After kidnapping the princess, the rider of the Red Dragon flew off with Gold Dragons in pursuit.
by Minority September 15, 2006

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