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Gulfstream is a company that makes highly prestigious and very expensive private jets, such as the GI, GII, GIII, GIV, GV, G100, G150, G200, G250, G300, G350, G400, G450, G500, G550, and the G650, which is said to be entering production in 2012.
The president of the large corporation showed up at the airport in a Gulfstream G550 and was instantly swarmed by girls.
by Minority September 20, 2008
One of the worlds fastest intercept jet fighters, capable of over Mach 3. Though not as advanced as the MiG-29, or any of the mighty Sukhoi aircraft. The MiG-31 is a long range fast attack and intercept fighter, with more hten 20 hardpoints for missiles, bombs, and everyother type of thing that go boom when they hit something, along with it's ability to be able to out run almost any missile, almost every missile the U.S. has, make the normal MiG-31 "Foxhound" a deadly opponant. However, later after the MiG-31, MiG started making the MiG-31M "Super Foxhound" or "Fox Hound Mk. II" which had improved avionics, improved nozzels, and many more improvements which made the MiG-31M far greater then the MiG-29, and even some Sukhoi aircraft, along with many of the modern U.S. planes. The improved engines boosted the 31M's top speed to Mach 3.4!!!!! It also had, newly made wingtips to house the massive EMP's(Electro Magnetic Pluse) which could jam all electronics near it, excluding the host aircraft. Unlike most modern U.S. fighter, the Russian MiG-31 and MiG-31M don't need stealth to do their job, because, well, who needs stealth when you can go in, and get out without them even knowning you were there until they got the three massive sonic booms eh?
I was in my MiG-31 and a stupid American pilot came up in his F-15 and fired off all his ammo, I just gunned the throttle and out ran it all, then turned around and whooped his ass!
by Minority September 22, 2006
The true meaning to the word "ace" is as follows: A fighter pilot that has at least 5 air kills, when a pilot has shot down at least 5 enemy aircraft, a ceremony or party is then held, and he/she gets their "ace" wings.
Pilot #1- Look at that ace, he's getting all the glory.
Pilot #2- Just be happy happy he's on our side, he's one hell of an ace pilot!
by Minority July 02, 2006
Also called the "Terminator", it is indeed a terminator. The Su-37 is a highly advanced Russian aircraft, also the largest threat Russia poses to the rest of the world, as it could take down any other aircraft, can be modded for carriers. Three prototypes were made, one crashed, and the two others were made into Su-35 "Super Flankers". With Thrust Vectoring, 15 degrees in any direction, and canards, it is by far the worlds most manuverable fighter aircraft. With highly advanced avionics, rear facing radar, and a MASSIVE weapon load, the Su-37, sometimes called just the "37" can fire rear facing missiles, and has 14 hardpoints (places you can put weapons). Made famous by the popular game, "Ace Combat" in Ace Combat 04, the 37 is better then everyother plane except the X-02.
I was flying my F-15C Eagle and I got an Su-37 on my radar, I tired to evade it, but my far less superior Eagle was no match for the Su-37 and I got shot down within 1 minute.
by Minority September 22, 2006
An extremly well armed ship used in WWI and WWII, but went out of action after the sinking of the I.J.N. Yamato.
Because airpower was found more useful, the battleship was no longer used.
by Minority July 26, 2006
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