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5 definitions by Mini_Dopey

A game you play after playing football. if the goal keeper lets in ten goals he must now bend over as you attempt to kick balls at his arse. the person who misses by the largest distance is now in goals.

in cold weather it is the ultimate description of pain
person 1 " that game of red arse was fun last night"
Person 2 "yeah John's arse was so red....."

*conversation ends*
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009
a mix between squash and tennis.
basically you have a tennis racket and ball but with squash courts.
lots of pain is involved in this game as the ball is too bouncy for such a small court.
protection for your genitals is strongly advised
person 1 "i played squennish yesterday"
Person 2 " really?"
person 1 "yeah, now i'm infertile"
person 2 "oh...."

*abrupt end to the conversation*
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009
randomly spending a whole day talking in a heavily fake norweigan accent. a good way to easily annoy people.
person 1 " did you see the match last night?"
Person 2 " dar"
Person 1 " what?
Person 3 " he's norwegising"
Person 1 "ah"
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009
a spare pair of hands located around your chest area. these are useful for eating popcorn in a cinema and texting while driving. unfortunately these are currently medically unavailable and must be provided by a friend standing directly behind you with their hands under your armpits. can be good fun to run behind people scream chest hands and attempt to insert your hands under their armpits without permission.
person 1 " haven't seen gary in a while"
Person 2 "me neither"
person 3 "be wary of chest hands"
Gary (in background) " Chest hands!"

* Person 1 now has chest hands *
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009
An aggressive way of telling someone to stop talking.
Ignorant Person " the holocaust never really happened you know?"

Person 1 "you know what you want to do with that?"

Ignorant Person "what's that?"

Person 1 " put a banging donk on it!"
by Mini_Dopey March 31, 2009