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2 definitions by Milo D. Cooper

(v.) To play a video game in a highly defensive and reactionary fashion.

(n.) A video game player who exhibits such a style of play.

(adj.) In video games, prone to or executed in such a style of play.
Jeff Schaefer's turtle Sagat destroyed my Chun Li, because he would uppercut me as I jumped over the tiger shots that he was throwing from the other side of the screen.
by Milo D. Cooper August 30, 2003
498 255
(n.) Any of the smaller, very fast characters in Capcom's Marvel fighting games.
Scrubs love to play pixies like Strider, Spider-Man, and Wolverine, since their skills are generally limited to surprise attacks and combos.
by Milo D. Cooper August 30, 2003
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