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a.k.a. 1/137
The fine structure constant, achieved by multiplying various physical constants. A puzzle and mystery to physicians.
no one can explain 137
by Milo March 21, 2004
A type of music that combines funk and drug influenced (usually mushrooms) lyrics, with lively punk riffs and sometimes catchy melodies. the music tends to cheer up and brighten up anybody who listens...happy music. Most bands of this genre come from England around the Liverpool area (eg, The Zutons, The Coral).
I saw The Zutons last night - they're the best shroomadelica band ever!

Oh my god, that whiny emo kid needs some shroomadelica ....now!
by milo April 28, 2004
a bag of crap
person 1: oh look! a crapbag!
person 2: wow! how cool! i bagsy it!
person 1: aw...maaaaaan...i wanted it!
by milo May 14, 2004
first name of the singer of the punk band Descendents.
Milo goes to college
by milo June 16, 2003
saying sorry but with a lisp
thawrie thweety thometimeth i thpeak with a lithp.
ithnt it thtupid to put a 'th' in lithp
by milo May 17, 2004
Something that cannot be burst. Impossible to pop. Indefatigable and indestructible. Period. No woman joke intended.
Mika's bubble was unburstifiable.

They tried to burst his bubble, but rihanna could not be popped.
by MiLo September 12, 2012
Not quite a bagel, the "filling in" of the hole by surrounding bread produces a navel.
Bavels are uglier than bagels.
by Milo March 20, 2004
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