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A musical movement which has come about as a result of a legal loophole which allows fresh magic mushrooms to be sold. These are obviously not sold for consumption so those who have purchased the mushrooms simply study them for a while then disgard them.
6 hours of psychedelic fun
by John Diaz May 12, 2004
A type of music that combines funk and drug influenced (usually mushrooms) lyrics, with lively punk riffs and sometimes catchy melodies. the music tends to cheer up and brighten up anybody who listens...happy music. Most bands of this genre come from England around the Liverpool area (eg, The Zutons, The Coral).
I saw The Zutons last night - they're the best shroomadelica band ever!

Oh my god, that whiny emo kid needs some shroomadelica!
by milo April 28, 2004
fresh evidence that the nme is AIDS
hey! lets come up with the shittiest ever name for a scene, using a tired pun from a cack overated album! lets call it Shroomadelica!
by christopher May 14, 2004
you're just jealous cos i defined it first.
*does first definition dance*
hah! look at me doing the first definition dance! shroomadelica rocks! do mushrooms kids! they're good for you!
by milo May 15, 2004

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