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1.Pronounced Deanna.
2.Feminine form of Dejan.
3.Possibly derived from Slavic deja meaning "to do something, to act". Otherwise it may be related to Latin deus "god".
4.Greek Godess of Fertility.
5.Not to be confused with Diana.
"Dejana just took my frikken pen!"
by Milkh May 03, 2007
1.The Dresden Dolls
2.They combine the smoky cellars of a Weimar-era cabaret with the rock n' roll fury of Joan Jett, PJ Harvey and The Violent Femmes and you have a remote idea of what to expect when experiencing The Dresden Dolls.
3.Like Marmite, you either love em or hate em.
"WOW! I love Punk Caberet"
"Punk Caberet is Freedom!"
by Milkh May 03, 2007
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