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Lust is the desire for their body; love is the desire for their soul.
That is all I have to say.
by Militant Liberal May 08, 2005
1. prefix: from the greek homos, it means "the same". From the Latin homo, it means "man"
2. A derogatory term for a gay man.
1. homogenous: the same. Homo erectus: standing man.
2. Todd wore K-Mart jeans today! What a homo!
by Militant Liberal May 02, 2005
Crazy people. No physical contact between couples, couples can't leave campus together without a chaperone, no one can listen to rock, jazz, country, christian rock, or play video games rated T or above or that have rock music in them. Obviously, no gays (not condoning), Christian fundamentalism of the worst sort. Ugghh! Oh, also not accredited.
no joke, its all true go to bju.edu
by Militant Liberal May 04, 2005
United Nations Space Command. Basically, Earth's military arm in Halo.
Foehammer: Echo 419 to any UNSC personnel! Repeat, any UNSC personnel respond!
by Militant Liberal April 06, 2005
The comeback to end all comebacks. Even superior to Yeah, well your mom was really good last night. Use only when in dire need.
Bob gasped when Bill said the fateful words.
by Militant Liberal April 06, 2005
Pre-Menstrual Syndrome. What women go through if they aren't pregnant. Women on PMS tend to be bitchy, and angry for no reason. If your friend is on it, RUN FOR YOU LIFE!
There isn't much I envy about gay guys, but at least their boyfriends don't have PMS.
by Militant Liberal April 16, 2005
A country that is hated by the US and apparently, Britain. Fought in WW2 and was subsequently defeated by the Nazis. Liberated by Allied forces in 1944, and are known to be less hygenic than Americans. Good cheese and wine, but they smoke too much. Oh and 9/11? Biggest tragedy ever? Like hell. Look at the Holocaust (6 million), American incursions against Native Americans (12 million) but I'm not going to include American attacks on Japan during WW2 because that was wartime and in my opinion, perfectly justified.
Sorry if this became a rant against some redneck idiot.
by Militant Liberal April 28, 2005

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