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22 definitions by Miles

slang term for the reefer
(as coined by the Gazebos)
Hey McWrath, want to smoke some teefer / get teefed?
by miles May 21, 2004
Willows is slang for cum/jizz. It's seen in the snoop song "pimp anthem"
"dripping willows on satin pillows"
by Miles February 16, 2005
to pass, and cut off someone while on the freeway
I just swooped that nigga
by Miles February 15, 2005
Police lingo for negative.
That's a 54 on the stolen intrepid (mine).
by miles July 13, 2004
Vlad the Impaler, one who is known as Vlad The Impater
Hey I wonder what Vlad the Impaler's theme is today
by Miles March 03, 2005
To diss, to intellectually injure someone.
Yo, Anand that midget SOB merked me by calling me a tool.
by Miles April 24, 2004
A bush, or shrub

Origin: From George W. Bush
"Dan Elm fell into the George W's on the side of the house"
by Miles May 22, 2004