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Someone who is somewhere between a pussy and a dillweed. Displaying a disinclination to participate in the overly dangerous or the overly macho.
- What do you bench?
- 250.
- pshaw! What a pussweed.
by MikeyLear October 15, 2007
A line which is parallel to the ground and just above the highest point of a man's ear which is attached to his head. If his sideburns don't go below this line then he is probably psychotic or at least dangerously stupid.
- We'll be back at around eleven, darling, and Dwayne will be babysitting you till then. If there are any problems at all...
- DWAYNE? Honey, that kid's sideburns are a quarter of an inch above the psycho line. Call the Hamiltons and tell them we're not coming.
by mikeylear August 27, 2008
An animation made with lego and lego men.
Keshen's legomanimation of Cardboard Gear Solid is rad.
by MikeyLear September 10, 2010
Not Enough Attention. For when you suspect someone you're chatting with is also chatting with someone else.
Biff: wybu2
Andy: jane was here on the weekend
Andy: she set herself on fire by accident
Andy: she was trying to light the cat
Andy: but the cat outwitted her
Andy: Biff?
Andy: u there?
Biff: lolz
Andy: nea I'm going.
by MikeyLear August 24, 2010
The imprint one person leaves on the internet, which is then out there, traceable and damning.
Jane - Hi Quintus
Quintus - I'm called Ted now. Quintus said a few things he regretted on his myspace page, someone thoughtfully made a mirror of it before he could take it down and he had to change his name. Ted's more anonymous, should be harder to trace my webprint now.
by MikeyLear April 08, 2010
Someone who puts the lemon on before the sugar on a pancake.
- Surely it doesn't matter which one you put on first? It all gets mixed together anyway, right?
- I pity you. The plight of the nermal is a tragic one.
by MikeyLear January 27, 2008

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