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When you take a good look at something.
Mikey: Hey man, did you see the new poster?
Bob: I had a quick look.
Mikey: What? I need your OK on it by Wednesday!
Bob: Alright, alright I'll take a look at it.
Mikey: By When?
Bob: By Wednesday Morning.
Mikey: Promise?
Bob: Yea, man.
Mikey: Ok.

Later that day...

Mikey: Hey Bob, have you had a look yet?
Bob: No not yet.
Mikey: Come on, man!
Bob: You're really becoming annoying.
Mikey: Dude, I just need you to look at the poster.
Bob: Ok, I'll take a proper gander at it right now, and get back to you.
Mikey: You'll what? Propaganda?

Bob: No, I said I'd take a PROPER... GANDER... at it and get back to you.
Mikey: WTF does that mean?
Bob: It means I'll take a good look at it.
Mikey: Why didn't you just say that?
Bob: Cause we were making an example for Urban Dictionary, and we had to use the word in it.
Mikey: Makes sense.
by Mikey The Comic November 28, 2010
A pretend shizzle. When someone, usually a stoner, says they'll do something they have no intention of doing.
Fred: Yo Mikey, you said you'd help me move my couch!
Mikey: Nah, it was a faux shizzle.
by Mikey The Comic August 18, 2009
A person who always posts retarded tweets.
Ray: Did you see Damo's latest post?
Mikey: Yeah, he's such a tweetard.
by Mikey The Comic December 16, 2009
A whore who is gigantic, or a person who's whoreing capacity is significant.
Dude 1: Man, I just saw Paris blowing ten guys in the alley.
Dude 2: Paris? Oh, you mean Gigantwhore!
by Mikey The Comic August 31, 2009
When you do something for your father.
Mom: hey Johnny did you take out the trash?
Johnny: yes mama, but I did it fo' pa.
by Mikey The Comic November 17, 2009
An afro-like pubic region marked by exessive and wild hair growth.
Rob: Don't go down on Shantiqua, girl's got a belowfro happening man!
by Mikey The Comic December 22, 2009
1) Someone who lusts after the environment.

2) The lust you feel when you're screwing the environment.

3) How a New Zealand person says Environmentalist.
Steve: Hey Jimmy is such an environmentalust.
Mary: Yea, he uz.
by Mikey The Comic December 16, 2009
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