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A rugged, mountainous landmass joined to western england with high levels of rainfall all year round. Summer is very short and temperatures rarely reach over 66 degrees F. Winters are harsh and many welsh people exhibit vulgar lesions and cracked skin during this season. It is the time when welsh women are most ready to mate.

Over centuries of industrialisation, and and a lack of ambition/education for its inhabitants; Wales has become a sort of no go area for investment and development. Once famous for coal mining, slate, granite etc practically all of those industries no longer exist, only remains of excavation and mining give a clue to its industrial past... oh and the huge holes dug into the landscape, fetid and rotten, the rust of a thousand moons etc.

The general populace are often very simple in their behavioural and thought patterns and an attitude of intolerance, bitterness and violence are the most common character traits of the typical "welshman". The welsh are particularly bitter toward the english and envy any form of affluence or snobbery. Indeed wages in Wales are much lower than most other parts of great britain and the number of unskilled workers or those claiming some form of benefit are also higher than other parts of britain on average.

In summary, do not visit the towns/cities. In particular cardiff, newport, swansea, llanelli.

The only place really of any interest to those with a liking of scenery and tranquility is west wales, where few council estates exist and the population is mostly well off english retiree's.

Wales in summary; a graveyard of ambition, where people's daily routine consists of earning minimum wage, then spending it on the weekend on cheap alcohol and distasteful female/woolen company. For the unemployes or over 40's days are spent in the local pub then on some low quality turkish food and then possibly beating someone up in the evening.
"I've heard Wales is a dreadful neanderthal infested pit, roasted for a thousand years in rotting pig vomit and then baked in the deserts of egypt for a million millenia then submerged under terrential rain for the remainder of eternity..."

"Yes, your quite right it is."
by Miketrinoc August 11, 2005

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