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Noun. An obscure high school in Eastern Washington unremarkable except for its slavish devotion to football and its use of an atomic mushroom cloud as a mascot. Recent attempts at whitewashing by the school's administration have declared that the Bombers, as they call themselves, are not named after nuclear weapons but are in fact named after a bomber plane, called the Day's Pay, that workers at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation donated a day's pay to buy for the U.S. Army during World War II. To bolster this idea, the school commissioned a massive mural of bombers in flight that appear to be strafing the school's courtyard. But despite the best efforts of the administration to convince the world that Richland High does not, in fact, promote nuclear war, the mascot is still a mushroom cloud behind a big yellow "R," and the tile "bomb" in the mixing area's floor is still protected by a cadre of enormous, mean-spirited seniors.
"Richland High School has repeatedly refused the entreaties of Japanese envoys to pick a less offensive mascot."
by Mikel Reparaz July 16, 2004

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