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4 definitions by Mikedaddy

Gokkun is a version of bukkake in which a woman or man swallows a partner's semen or spits it into a partner's mouth. Gokkun is an onomatopoeia, which translates into English as "gulp", i.e., the sound one makes swallowing. The practice is often mistaken for bukkake.
Sarah was gokkun last night, there was nothin left..
by Mikedaddy February 11, 2005
36 17
Describing a girl with very skinny legs, and a few inches of empty space in between at the crotch, just like a Barbie.
I'm not skinny, but my pelvis is like four feet wide, so I have a permanent Barbie Box.
by mikedaddy May 31, 2007
15 2
An interjection used to put emphesis the severity of something.
Dangdilly, I can't believe I just ate seven doughnuts!!
by Mikedaddy February 21, 2006
5 2
When one tries to pimp but ends up limpin like a gimp, he is thus slimpin
Hey biotch, I saw you slimpin up on dem hoes.
by mikedaddy January 16, 2004
3 4