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A hankerchief or tissue used to wipe up the semen after having a wank. It can be held over the penis acting like a condom or be used after semen is ejaculated to clean it up off the penis, stomach, floor or any other surfaces it may have splattered onto.
1. Theo keeps his wankerchief inside his top drawer just incase he wants a good wank without making a mess all over the computer screen or his keyboard.
2. Theo's mum found his wankerchief and got cum all over her hand after he had a good session of porn-watching.
by Mike_o_matic October 24, 2006
just another insult and it was invented by me!
Craig: you're such a wanktwat clive
Clive: I'm telling on you
by mike_o_matic November 14, 2006
In england - a liverpudlian. Someone from Liverpool.
Archie: That liverpool fan had a well weird accent.
Jughead: Whaddya expect he's a scouter.
by mike_o_matic November 13, 2006

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