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A hankerchief or tissue used to wipe up the semen after having a wank. It can be held over the penis acting like a condom or be used after semen is ejaculated to clean it up off the penis, stomach, floor or any other surfaces it may have splattered onto.
1. Theo keeps his wankerchief inside his top drawer just incase he wants a good wank without making a mess all over the computer screen or his keyboard.
2. Theo's mum found his wankerchief and got cum all over her hand after he had a good session of porn-watching.
by Mike_o_matic October 24, 2006
A handkerchief, bandana, or similiair item used to wipe up or catch cum after/during jerking off. So called a "wankerchief" because it's used for wanking.
Paul's wankerchief was crusty and knotted from his pixie-sticks and porno adventure last Friday night.
by fubsish September 12, 2009
After a wank culminating in ejaculation, a male may choose to use a wankerchief to mop up any mess, mainly that of semen.
"Do you have a spare wankerchief?"
"Sure, it's a little crusty but you can use it"

"Shit, what do I do now?"
"You need to get yourself a wankerchief"
by The Tom Fantastic December 15, 2006
Noun- A small piece of material that is used for the process of masturbation. Ensures no deposit is left in the area, and can give a higher feeling of pleasure. Can cause infection and is seldom washed.
I was helping my friend clean his house out- then I found his wankerchief.
by Waste of paint December 09, 2014
A handkerchief carried around with the express purpose of mopping up semen of impromptu masturbation. Can also be shortened to wanky (hanky).
Mum: You should get a handkerchief for your suits breast pocket, you'd look very dapper.
Son: No mum, people would think I'm a chronic masturbator and call it a wankerchief.
by hotblack desiato April 15, 2014

A old cloth or rag used for clean-ups after, well, wanking off.
"Ewwww... gross. Quit using my good towels! Dammit kid, I even put some wankerchiefs in your nightstand... on top of those magazines!"
by Kat (frustrated Mom) January 24, 2008
Any piece of fabric used to clean up your man mess after a session with the lingere section of the Kays catalogue.
"Ah man, that's rank. I just went into your room to get a CD and stood on your wankerchief!"
by Monkey Handler June 09, 2005
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