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The Act of devising, testing, experimenting and proving a theory or theories to explain facts or phenomena of the observable universe. one that has been repeatedly tested or is widely accepted and can be used to make predictions about natural phenomena. The use of scientific methodology to acquire a greater understanding of reality and existence.
People who know and understand, through experimentation and observation, any scientific theories; evolution, gravity, the big bang, black holes, m-theory or density all practice theorism.
by MikeSynonymous October 05, 2010
Activism for humanitarian or political causes taking part interactively on the internet. When physical involvement is not a possibility, interactivism usually is. The internet is a fantastic tool for communication, and as with all forms of communication before it, it can be used to influence other people through the sharing of ideas and opinions.
Amnesty International launched a trend on Twitter and a petition on Facebook; encouraging people to take part in interactivism!
by MikeSynonymous October 06, 2010
To use comic material developed by another comedian, attempting to pass it off as your own. Often done without giving the other comedian credit for it, especially on the internet.
I just tweeted an awesome one liner, but I'm afraid someone might Chegwin it.
by MikeSynonymous October 22, 2010
A thousand times a million is a milliard, not to be confused with a billion, which is a million times a million.
I used to be a millionaire with only 900 million pounds, then I sold my mansion and now I have over a milliard pounds! Now I'm a milliardaire!
by MikeSynonymous July 18, 2013
"To shut the stable door after the horse has bolted", an idiom as old as horsemanship. Now it has a one shorthand, Hashtag friendly word to define the entire concept due to David Cameron and Razor the police horse in the scandal referred to as Horsegate. The origins on Gate as a suffix are in the Watergate trials of Richard Nixon
Getting health insurance after your first paragliding accident is a bit horsegate.
by MikeSynonymous March 09, 2012

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