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1.When something, usually an intangible concept or idea, is completely over manipulated and fiddled with. If an artistic creation is remixed and over edited auto-tuned and sped up to a point where the original content is completely aborted.

2.Also a twitter hashtag meaning the over use of hashtags within a post to draw more attention and followers. In a self referential and apologetic about it kind of way only a really narcissistic person might do.
1."Have you heard the latest re-mix of this song?"

"Yeah, but I didn't like it, it sounded too overhashed!"

"Maybe, yeah, I think I know what you mean!"

2."I saw this #funny #video just now www.shrtn.url it's so #crazy #funnyvideo #viralvideo #funtimes #leekspin #youtube #boredom #Overhashed"
by MikeSynonymous February 26, 2010

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