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3 definitions by Mike-a-loeb

A large African-American retard.
Riddick Bowe sure is a Frankenjackson
by Mike-a-loeb December 18, 2004
9 1
The act of sitting on your partner's face and farting into his/her mouth. Moments later, you and your partner kiss with open mouths.
We went to the Chicken Ranch, for my buddy's bachelor party. I asked the hooker if I could get a plumpkin for $50. She said "No, but you can get a Cookie Crisp." "Deal!" I proclaimed.
by Mike-a-loeb December 19, 2004
8 35
The act of rubbing your genitillia all over the food and beverages in the office fridge, so your fellow state employees eat it.
Somebody stole my Bookoo Juice out of the fridge at work. So I okie-doked everything in there.
by Mike-a-loeb December 18, 2004
22 88