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A word uttered by a stoner when in a trance, and at a loss of words. Often provokes uncontrollable laughter.
(silence for 5 minutes)...wessenhemenbobbin....(laughing for 5 minutes)
by Mike Taylor February 02, 2004
It's a cross between Christmas, Quiznos, and a bubble. Overall, it's just fun to say.
Aquizmizbubbow...hahahahaha tooo funny god dammit
by Mike Taylor March 23, 2004
When you feel great, and funny.
I'm feeling ibiga. Ibigiba gaba.
by Mike Taylor February 02, 2004
*When your facial hair comes in thin, and you grow it out, it becomes thin skinny. The end, or the oldest part of the facial hair is skinny, and the new part is thick.
*A name for a holiday. Since the Scots don't have many holidays, it's kind of Scottish.
"THIIIIIIIN SKINNNNAAAY!"-rich texan accent.

"Hey man, you got a bit of thinskinny going on under the chin, fix yourself man!"
by Mike Taylor March 23, 2004
fat nigger who likes to go out with white people and slob there nobs and get other people toi fight there battles
you are such a desirea
by mike taylor July 22, 2003
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