31 definitions by Mike Rotch

a place that kicks ass compared orange county (the blow-c), even though it does cost more to live here.
fuck you socal, and all you preppy bitches in it!
by mike rotch December 24, 2004
A buisness that sells little kids toys.
Ebonics - We be toys and shit.
White man - We have lots of good toys for little boys and girls.
by Mike Rotch July 21, 2003
bengali word for a male persons penis
i want to put my boga in your cunt
by mike rotch May 06, 2003
Explosive diarrhea usually found in a toilet type region or right beside a toilet.
Man I had the screamy jeemies and pulled my pants down didnt make it and SHAT on the floor.
by Mike Rotch July 08, 2003
another name for carl's jr. fast food restaurant. derived from the BK Lounge.
Dude 1: Lets go to the BK Lounge.
Dude 2: Nah man, lets hit up the CJ Club
by Mike Rotch August 20, 2005
an awkward man who mumbles a lot and in not understandable. easily followed, and been known to follow. very sneaky.
man! that guy is such a wamoon!...do you think he is following us?...i dont know, lets follow him to find out.
by mike rotch June 05, 2004
1)Fecal matter that is mostly made up of water.
OMG look. It's a very rare site indeed. A mix breed of an army pile and a water log.
by Mike Rotch October 15, 2004
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