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The sound that some of the biggest "smaller" birds make, better known as pigeons. Usually hanging around parks and and within downtown areas of large cities, these pigeons make a characteristic "cooing" sound that no other birds really have.
Me: Look! Pigeons!
Pigeon: Cooo.....Coo....
by Mike Rotch March 24, 2005
a vaginal atish
atish is such a great douche bag it always cleanses my vagina thoroughly
by Mike Rotch October 29, 2003
Great music. Not punk rock, which is hardcore crap from the 80s that involves following strict rules like not selling out so others can hear the music and not wearing certain clothes brands and making fun of people for listening to what they like even if its Blink 182. Thunk rock is music that teenage kids can relate to, and includes a lot of real punk...but it is also music one can listen to to be themselves...even if it Blink182. Thunks are people who listen to what they want even if people tell them its uncool...even if that means they listen to Blink182. Thunks dont need to follow other people's standards to be who they want to be...even if that involves Blink 182

Comes from the last two letters of my name (which is Amith, not Mike Rotch) adapted to the word "punk"
Green Day Ataris Nirvana Simple Plan GC Sum41 Blink182 Diffuser NHOI Smashing Pumpkins Brickhead Offspring DK BoxCar Racer MxPx NOFX Jimmy Eat World Rufio The Used The Vandals Yellowcard RATM 5 Stars for failure Saves the Day

Opress me if you must but im still me not a victim of whats punk or not.
by Mike Rotch December 21, 2004
A supplement that is a performance enhancer and is totally legal. Works grat if you're doing a serious workout that includes hard-lifting activities. Good effects of creatine= bigger chest, stronger physique, and a numerous amount of never before seen bitches that all of a sudden want you. Bad effects of creatine= stomach cramps, You all of a sudden think you're the shit, and pussy becomes an instant need for you and the best part about it is that you know your conceided ass will get it because you are ripped.
Back then, girls used 2 call me conceided, asshole, and "the kid that plays with his asshole" but now since i use creatine, bitches call me well conceided, asshole, and "the kid that has all the females wanting 2 play wit his litle asshole". It's great and since then i been taking 200 milligrams of testosterone and been beating pussy up 4 days. What a life!
by Mike Rotch March 16, 2005
the process of toe kicking a bitch right in her neden hole...till the box is purple.
"What that fuckin hoe fucked my home boy? Ima give him a red eye, and her a nice PURPLE BOX!"
by Mike Rotch March 08, 2005
A large or small black shiny object found just below the penis. Normally in ball shape. Also called testicle.
As the black guy penetrated my vagina his nigroids were slapping my butt.
by Mike Rotch July 21, 2003
a really gay four square term that makes no sense, usually stated by the UVA kids, Four square is beginning to suck.
Whoa dude, did you just see that worm burner? it was so hardcore! like totally awesome dude
by Mike Rotch January 30, 2005
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