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Something you say before you take a nap.
Ray: Ahhhh, Nappy Nap
by Mike Drigz December 06, 2005
1- To beat someone up so that the result of their body is "stretched out" on the floor.

2- To go to sleep (also known as "To Pass Out")
1- Imma strecth that nigga out

2- I'm mad tired, Imma go stretch out
by Mike Drigz December 06, 2005
Something that is not useful or is disliked. Also it can be used to describe someone's horrible skills.
You are grabage at this game.

This food is grabage.
by Mike Drigz December 06, 2005
Literally means "Mad Stupid For No Reason". It can be used to describe an act of stupidity or an action of no significance what so ever.
Professor: The classes' average was a 33
Josue: 'Tis a nice shrubbery!!!
Drigz: MSFNR
by Mike Drigz December 06, 2005
Enochial Disorder was originally discovered by two colleague studying the ridiculously ugly Enoch M. It soon came to reality that many have been suffering themselves from what was once to be considered a scarcity in society. E.D. is becoming more popular by the day. Children are being stricken with this awful disorder. Symptoms are becoming grossly increased and starting to evolve earlier in its stages. These include dizziness due to interaction with females, decrease or lack of human involvement, increase in imaginary involvement, severe facial distortion (also known as "fugly"), increase in suicidal nature due to lack of friendship, realization of being brought into this world as a mistake, attempting several times to masturbate while crying, and most of all, increased hatred from God. If there is anyone you know that is facing life with this illness please pray for them as we will as well.
We are very sorry that your child has been infected with Enochial Disorder. But we may no longer communicate.
by Mike Drigz February 02, 2007
When something isn't very good.
That movie was mad buttcheeks.
by Mike Drigz May 02, 2006
Refering to someone who is very ugly.
Yo your girl is mad butt.
by Mike Drigz May 02, 2006

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