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13 definitions by Mike Oxlong

about to whup your ass....
It is 5 00 pm and it is time to go NOYA on the foosball table!
by Mike Oxlong May 14, 2003
The meatman...aka Andy stevenson.. also known as poncho meatman
THat guy is a fucking meatman he cleans the machines of blood and guts. A very degrading and worthless job..spit on him when you see him he works at meijer
by mike oxlong November 18, 2004
Massive male orgy with one female in the middle getting facialed
"She was very eager to join my Bukake"
by Mike Oxlong June 19, 2004
jeff morgan is the biggest fagot, he always sticks his hands down his pants and then sucks his thumb...he also thinks he can take nebody..hes a fucking pussy...he couldnt hurt shit...he lies about EVERYTHING too...psh! fucking liar...cant stand him!!!
yesterday while he was driving, he had his hands down his pants and then stuck his hand in his mouth..thats fucking sick...and he has a big nose!
by mike oxlong April 18, 2004
a womans "private" parts, only if she is frigid anyway!
i took a lovely mouthful of her hair pie
by Mike Oxlong January 30, 2003
A variant of the dirty sanchez, performed when one's female sex partner is on the rag. While engaged in sex from the rear position (either vaginal or anal - your choice), a finger is inserted in her bloody snatch and a red moustache is drawn on her face. Tasty!
I waited until our second date to explain the captain morgan to my girlfriend.
by Mike Oxlong April 09, 2004