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just like wal-mart, except not ran by terrorists. Based in Michigan and surronding states
by chuckelZ October 27, 2003
A grocery chain based out of Michigan that Wal-Mart and Target stole their "superstore" format from. The company that laid me off.
What I wouldn't give to have my job at Meijer back...
by ILoveThom'sChickenDance December 01, 2003
A place for stoned teenagers to hang out at 3 am. Often pronounced possessive (Meijer's).
Example? Um... "Gee, a lot of stoned teenagers walk around in Meijer at 3 am!"
by nrrork October 06, 2005
A place to go when there is nothing better to do.
"I'm bored, let's go Meijer-ing"
by EMMA August 13, 2004
A word used to describe horrible pedophile. (Pronounced my-jer)
Dude did you see that meijer? He totally slipped his hand in that kids pants.
by Cockboy the Rockstar April 01, 2011
A grocery/mega store chain located in the midwestern united states who's managers and employees care more about when the new vending machine is getting installed in the break room than customer service. Meijer stores are filthy, little stocked, and carry out-dated merchandise. They have the loosest hiring standards of any of the mega stores, and the employees are extremely hard to fire nomatter how careless they are due to the extreme power possessed by their worker's union. Employees will do anything to get out of helping customers, and though their store manual clearly states that they must greet all customers within a 10 foot radius, they will do anything to avoid such an encounter.
Mom: I'm going to Meijer to get the grocery shopping done, do you want to come?
Billy: No way mom, Meijer sucks
Mom: Why do you say that?
Billy: You'll find out when you try to ask one of the employees if they have any shelf stock in the backroom...
by Babadoo September 23, 2007
a male's descreet way of saying he needs to go jerk off

(a female's is "wal-mart")
Guy to his friends: "dude, i'll be right over, but i have to go to meijer first."

Guy to a girl: "I so know that you went to wal-mart last night!"
by our group August 13, 2005

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